In this policy, we describe how Thorbergdesign, on this page referred to as Thorbergdesign or we, process your personal data.r. 
Usually, read through our privacy policy carefully so that you can make an informed decision about your future relationship with us. oss.
You agree to this privacy policy and are processing personal data by registering as a customer with us or otherwise using our website and services.ster.
Thorbergdesign takes personal integrity very seriously. 
Our goal is for you as a visitor and user of our website and services to feel confident that your personal data is respected and processed in a correct manner. sätt. 
We take responsibility for the personal data processed by us only being used for the intended purposes and protected against unauthorized access.tkomst.
We never save personal data longer than we need to. Some information is deleted immediately, other information is saved for different lengths of time depending on what the information is to be used for and what the law requires.räver.
We believe in security and transparency, which is why we have made it easier for you as a customer to take control of what the law applies to.
All processing and collection of personal data within Thorbergdesign in accordance with applicable personal data legislation. Within the EU / EEA, the data protection regulation GDPR will apply from 25 May 2018.GDPR).

Personal information we collect

We collect personal information that you leave when you have contact with us in various ways. This includes information that is left out in connection with: med:
  • Shopping on our e-commercedel
  • Retail registration at thorbergdesign.see
  • Possible customer satisfaction surveysar
  • Any customer events
  • Subscribe to our services or request your services and / or information from us̊n oss
  • Any complaints where we may, if necessary, save and register the correspondencen

The information that is left may include your name, e-mail address, contact address, telephone number, organization number, purchases and transactions you carry out with us and any additional information that you provide.ler.
In addition, we may collect information about your visits to our website through cookies to protect and improve us. In some cases, we may also collect information from credit reporting companies.sföretag.

Every second with personal informationter

The information we collect from you may be processed for the following purposes:mål:
  • In order for us to administer and fulfill each agreement with youdig
  • In order for us to be able to provide the products and services you have ordered̈llt
  • In order for us to be able to fulfill our obligations under agreements and defective legislationing
  • So that we can communicate with you when contacting uss
  • To administer and customize direct marketing to those customers who have requested to receive newsletters or other direct marketing, which you can opt out of via a link in each mailing madeom görs
  • To improve, support and your need for helpjälp
  • To develop products and services from usoss
In some cases, information may be collected before an agreement is entered into so that we can take action as requested by a customer.ärt.
On our websites, we have placed so-called cookies where we collect user statistics about your computer or device, IP address, operating system, browsers and your visits. These statistics are used to prevent fraud and help us maintain, develop and improve website performance, interaction design, layout and navigation. More information about cookies and how to block the use of cookies can be found in our cookie policy. vår cookiepolicy.

Extradition of personal data to third partiest

In normal cases, we never pass on personally identifiable information to third parties, except for trusted third parties who support us to run our website or our company.̈retag.
Trusted third parties must approve the requirement to keep the information confidential before accessing the information.onen.
In certain circumstances, Thorbergdesign may need to disclose your personal information to third parties if we are obliged to disclose such information in accordance with law, government decision or apply our terms of sale.svillkor.
We may also in some cases consider it necessary to provide information about your personal information to credit information companies and fraud prevention companies.̈retag.
Security of personal dataer
We at Thorbergdesign take a number of different technical and organizational security measures to protect your personal information from unauthorized access, alteration, dissemination or enlargement.rstörelse.
All information you leave to us is stored on secure servers. Every website and e-commerce is encrypted with SSL technology to achieve a higher level of security and to protect secular data transmitted over the Internet.̈ver internet.
To get full access to every e-commerce, we have given you a password. You as a customer are responsible for keeping this password secret and not sharing the password with anyone.ed någon.

Direct marketingg

In connection with customer registration on our website, you as a customer have the opportunity to indicate whether you want to receive marketing in the form of newsletters and other e-mails that we believe may be of interest to you.r dig.
If you are already a customer, we may also contact you by e-mail with newsletters or other information about goods and services, if you have not already objected to receiving such information.ion.

Deregistration direct marketingg

Deregistration of direct marketing is advantageously done by e-mail toll Another option is to look up a previous mailing from us and click on unsubscribe at the bottom of the email.ailet.
The deregistration email should contain information about the name, company and the e-mail address of the deregistration to secure the deregistration.ringen.

Register extract, steering wheel and revocation of consentke

A private person has the right to once per calendar, free of charge, receive information about which personal data Thorbergdesign processes.lar.
Such a request for an extract from the register must be made in writing and signed by the applicant.nde.
It must also contain information about first name, last name, social security number, customer number and any information about any specific information that you need.̈ver.

The request is sent to:l:
Thorberg / Bucuti AB
Skeppargatan 100
SE115 30 Stockholm

Please note that Thorbergdesign cannot process requests for register extracts by telephone. Extracted sand to the applicant's population registration address within one month of the application being received by
The request for correction of personal data or revocation of consent is made toill or by telephone 46 0 8 66 01 777.77.

Changes to our privacy policycy

Thorbergdesign intends to make changes to this privacy policy and / or to our terms of sale on an ongoing basis.öpande.
A new version becomes valid when it is made available at
If there are major changes to this privacy policy in the future, you may be notified by

Personal data manager

Thorberg / Bucuti AB, SE556697-9752, Skeppargatan 100, 115 30 Stockholm is responsible for the personal data processed within Thorbergdesign..


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