THORBERG READING GLASSES appreciated and loved.

Very many have now discovered bows are now one of our most important accessories. Many models, like sunglasses, have also become a hallmark of the wearer.

Team Thorberg has many years of experience in fashion and design.
The Thorberg collection is designed for the modern woman and man.
Thorberg reading glasses have a comfortable fit and are always at the front edgelatest color and shape.

We follow the fashion industry's seasons with a spring summer and an autumn winter collection.A lot of focus is on the reading glasses' shade of fashion color being beautiful to apurpose and be able to be happily coordinated with the seasonal confectionery.

Creating models for everyone is an impossibility but creating models for many, tooto da most discerning, woman as man, it is entirely possible and our goal.With our own models and molds, we work directly with the factory and can therefore holdreasonable prices.

The story behind Thorberg:

THORBERG READING GLASSES was founded in 2006 after I discovered thatmy arms were not enough and I needed my first reading glasses. It was impossible to find stylish fashionable and cocky reading glasses. The offer then consisted of sad so-calledleg station glasses. The thought of placing a pair of these on the tip of my nose did not make me do it the wave.

Because I am a creative problem solver who loves to create and has created everything fromfashion garments for fun and educational play material for disabled children, it became impossiblefor me to let go of the idea of stylish reading glasses. For the last 25 years I had been workingas an agent in women's clothing and with its own stores with interiors. This was my home ground.It was just a matter of getting started and soon the first Thorberg collection was in stock in Sweden.

A lot has happened since that day. The Aunt & amp; old stamp that was then on reading glasses,, is now blown away. Today, reading glasses are such an important and beloved fashion attribute that we todayproduces some models with window glass lens & amp; many reading glasses roll out daily fromour warehouse.

THORBERG READING GLASSES is currently based in Östermalm, Stockholm.
THORBERG READING GLASSES are sold today to private individuals world wide.
Our dealers are located in, Interior, Clothing, Optics and Museums and are mainly found inThe Nordic countries, Italy, the United Kingdom, Germany, Australia and New Zealand.

I would like to send a big thank you here, to all of you who during the journey, have sent warm emails,commented on, supported & amp; clapped his hands. It is thanks to you that we are where we are today. 

With kind regards,
Lisbeth Thorberg, CEO and founder